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“Taking time to relax has always been a challenge for me. After realizing that my body was asking me to slow down and take care of myself, I decided to seek an alternative treatment route. I am blessed to have Hannah as my practitioner. She has a tremendous skill of being present with me, her calming nature allows me to feel safe and secure, and well cared for. I always sense that she genuinely wants me to feel better. I leave each treatment more radiant than the last, and am always excited to schedule my next treatment because I know the effects are tremendous and in alignment with my overall healing. I highly recommend Hannah to anyone who is looking for a caring professional and well-respected practitioner.”

— D.K.

“Hannah’s practice is just as her demeanor: calm, kind, present and generous. She is a wonderful listener and is incredibly invested in her patients. She is very knowledgable and detail oriented which shows in her ability to treat a vast number of ailments in one session. She has helped regulate my menstrual cycle as well as quickened my recovery from a car accident. I highly recommend her as a practitioner!”

— A.L.


“I first tried acupuncture as an undergrad in Orange County, and tried a couple of different acupuncturists, and loved it, but still did not have the same connection that I have now with Hannah. She is amazing at what she does, and I always look forward to our sessions. I personally still struggle to take time for myself with a busy work schedule and refocusing some of my attention to my needs, but I feel lucky that I have this outlet. I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually revived every time I leave my session. I would recommend Hannah to anyone, and have talked about her to even my co-workers because I feel like it would benefit our entire office and the work that we do. If you are looking for an acupuncturist, give Hannah a try, you will not regret it!”

— J.C.

“A nagging sinus issue led me to Hannah. I’d never tried acupuncture or cupping but had heard of others’ success with it. After three visits to her sanctuary, I was feeling infinitely better. The kindness, patience and care I received was as healing as the Chinese herb tinctures. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is ...

A year in to working with Hannah, I continue to feel the long-lasting benefits of her healing through herbs and acupuncture. I have a deeper, clearer connection to my body and can get it what it needs much quicker!”

— Trish C.

RElaxation, Radiance, Resiliency, and relief

“Hannah has supported me through some of my greatest challenges, both physical and emotional/spiritual. Beneath her gentle, calm and caring presence lies a powerhouse of skill, knowledge and talent. After her treatments I not only feel relief from what’s ailing me, but perhaps equally if not more importantly, I feel like I’ve come back home to myself.”

— O.M.

“Hannah instantly put me at ease. She was incredibly attentive and kind. She listens with patience and compassion. Her approach was gentle, yet powerful. I felt lighter and more resilient and better in every way. I am so grateful for her! ”

— E.B.

“I very much look forward to acupuncture treatments with Hannah. She is a calming, caring, and friendly person who listens. Hannah introduced me to acupuncture during a time when I was not feeling well and she helped me feel a lot better. I came out of treatments relaxed and more in tune with my body.”

— D.J.

“I came to Hannah when I was pregnant, tired and feeling out of whack. Not only did acupuncture with her calm and refresh my system, but her presence was peaceful and soothing to be around. She answered all of my questions and was knowledgeable in how to aid the symptoms I was having. I can’t recommend Hannah Fries more highly!”

— J.M.

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“I felt fantastic after acupuncture with Hannah. And I swear my skin looked like it was glowing!”

— K.B.

“Even just being present in Hannah’s spiritual energy will begin your process of dropping in and slowing down, ready to receive the many benefits of her significant skills in acupuncture.”

— T.S.

“While visiting my family in Los Angeles, i injured my left leg between my knee and hip from lifting my grand babies from the floor. The pain and tenderness were pretty severe. I just couldn’t get comfortable. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to receive an Acupuncture treatment from Hannah Fries. She was recommended to me by a dear friend who promised I would get some relief. Hannah’s touch, knowledge of my pain, and her bedside manor were unbelievable. I wish my internist would have the patience and caring that Hannah showed me. I highly recommend Hannah for both physical and spiritual healing.”

— L.C.

Looking deeply and honestly at her woundedness, she had found her power; experienced her own indomitable will to live, her courage, and her ability to heal herself over and over again. Perhaps every ‘victim’ is really a survivor who does not know it yet.
— Rachel Naomi Remen